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Excerpts from MBJ article: Experience, reputation and chemistry all come into play when choosing an architect

by Jill Hansen
The traditional method of planning and executing a project, design-bid-build, while still in use, seems to be gradually giving way to various models referred to collectively as integrated project delivery (IPD).

Design-bid-build usually means the client selects an architect, who proceeds to take bids from general contractors and others involved in the project

The most commonly known IPD method is design-build. This means the client hires an architect or a contractor first. Then a team of other professionals, such as engineers and perhaps mechanical and electrical subcontractors, is assembled. The team works together from conception to completion.

“Design-build teams are usually formed during the early conceptual stages of a project,” said Brad Govig, vice president at Boyd Jones Construction. “Successful collaborative efforts on previous projects and complementary skill sets are considered when determining which potential partner is the best fit for the project at hand.”

Another tip from Govig: “Some clients have very firm budget expectations while others are driven more by schedule or quality,” he said. “Depending on the scenario, it may be beneficial to contact an architectural and construction firm to walk you through some options.”