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Excerpts from MBJ article: Integrated project delivery reaps benefits for owners through better communication

by Jill Hansen
Variations of integrated project delivery (IPD), methods of planning and building commercial and public structures, are gaining in popularity and practicality in the construction industry.

Key factors causing greater demand for IPD include "the desire to make team member selections based upon qualifications instead of the lowest initial cost and controlling risks associated with the increasing cost of materials, subcontractor availability and funding opportunities tied to occupancy deadlines," said Robert Volz, executive vice president of Boyd Jones Construction.

"IPD allows the contractor to provide constructability reviews, cost estimates and scheduling support throughout the process, leading to more accurate budgets and timetables," he said.

"One of the main challenges when using IPD is the coordination involved in fast-track projects," Volz said. "Often, long lead-time materials are ordered before the drawings are completed. The ability to communicate and make provisions for the undefined portions of the design is critical."

Early teaming with the owner and architect on the St. Mark Lutheran School project in Omaha helped Boyd Jones provide conceptual cost estimates that led to a guaranteed maximum price and optimal value for the owner, Volz said.

"The information we provided demonstrated there were advantages to the use of precast concrete wall panels with inlaid brick versus masonry for the gymnasium." Early analysis also led to the selection of wood over vinyl composition tile or resilient athletic surfaces in the gym, he said.


Boyd Jones worked with the Lexus dealership architect "to provide conceptual cost estimates for several building and site layout options and the option of moving to a different site," he said. "We also worked with the suppliers and subcontractors to determine when the materials could be ordered and installed to ensure an accurate construction schedule."

The Lexus of Omaha dealership is scheduled for completion at the end of this year.